Sensible Shuffle

Sensible Shuffle is a playlist manager with a difference! It gives users much more control over what songs play, and why. Ever put shuffle on, and seem to pick up 50 songs in a row that you don't like, or want to listen to, but dont have the heart to remove from your playlist? That's where our sensible shuffle comes in! It pays attention to the songs that you specifically choose to listen to, and affects the likelihood of songs getting chosen by the shuffle. This whole site was originally a 'proof on concept', but I've found it so good, that I've continued development to increase ease-of-use, even if it's just me that uses it!

Sensible Shuffle comes equipped with 'mini controls', perfect for having in a small window in the corner of your screen. This is better used in a popup window. If you plan on using this feature, I recommend using the popup option below, otherwise, open here for a fuller experience!

Open in Popup
(Perfect for small player!)
Open here
(For full experience!)